Block DX The world's most decentralized exchange

Truly Trustless

Never trust a third party with your funds again. Block DX is 100% trustless and you remain in complete control of your coins at all times, as you trade peer-to-peer directly from your wallet.

Atomic Swaps

All trades are atomic swaps, guaranteeing the safety of your funds during a trade. Trades occur without any third parties handling the funds.

Decentralized Order Books

There is no website, individual or entity hosting the order books.

Decentralized Order Matching

Enjoy a trading environment where orders are filled fairly and transparently. No front-running or shady order matching behind the scenes.

No Registration

No emails to provide, forms to fill in or documentation to provide.

No IOU's

Coins are traded atomically with no intermediary tokens, IOU's, proxy coins or coloured coins in the middle.

Decentralized Governance

There is no central entity or special individuals in control of Block DX. Provably fair community votes are what directs development.

Bot Friendly

The rock solid API enables you to easily construct a trading bot to interact with Block DX.

No Withdrawal Fees

Why pay a fee just to access money that belongs to you? With Block DX, you never pay a withdrawal fee because your funds always remain in your custody.

Block DX is an open source decentralized exchange and is part of Blocknet, a 2nd layer blockchain interoperability protocol that enables communication, interaction, and exchange between different blockchains.
Blocknet currently consists of a suite of 3 products:


XBridge is a trustless transfer of value protocol utilizing atomic swaps. Block DX is a dApp built on this platform and is 100% live and working.


XRouter is a cross-chain interoperability protocol. It allows applications to interface with blockchains on the TCP/IP networking layer, enabling a true Internet of Blockchains.


XCloud provides a decentralized monetizable microservices architecture. You could think of this as a "decentralized AWS/Azure".