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Coin Ticker Versions Github Link
Abosom ABS v1.0.0
AeriumX AEX v2.2
Altbet ABET v3.4.1.0
APR Coin APR V3.1.0
Argoneum AGM v1.4.0.0, v1.4.1.0
ATBCoin ATB v1.1.0
AustraliaCash AUS v0.17.4.1
Badcoin BAD v0.16.3-2
Bitcloud BTDX
Bitcoin BTC v0.15.1, v0.15.2, v0.16.0, v0.16.1, v0.16.2, v0.16.3, v0.17.0, v0.17.0.1, v0.17.1, v0.18.0, v0.18.1, v0.19.0, v0.19.0.1, v0.19.1, v0.20.0
Bitcoin CZ BCZ
BitGreen BITG v1.4.0.8, v1.4.0.9, v1.5.0.1, v1.5.0.2
BitCore BTX,,,,,
BitcoinZero BZX
BitMoney BIT
BitSend BSD
Blocknet BLOCK v4.2.0
Bulwark BWK 2.2.0
Carebit CARE v5.0.0
CbdHealthNetwork CHN wallets-source-daemon
Chaincoin CHC v0.18
Civitas CIV v1.2.2
ColossusXT COLX v1.2.3, v1.2.4
Crave CRAVE v2.5.2
CryptoCashBack CCBC v1.2.1.1
Crypto Dezire Cash CDZC v2.1.2
Cryptonodes CNMC v1.4.4.1
Dash DASH v0.14.0.2, v0.14.0.3, v0.14.0.4, v0.14.0.5, v0.15.0.0
Denarius D v3.3.9.3, v3.3.9.4, v3.3.9.5, v3.3.9.6, v3.3.9.7
Desire DSR Desire-v.
Diamond DMD
DigiByte DGB v7.17.2
Digiwage WAGE 1.2.1
Dinero DIN v1.0.1.1
Divi DIVI v1.1.2, DESK-1.6.6
DogeCash DOGEC
Dogecoin DOGE v1.14.2
Dynamic DYN v2.4.3.0, v2.4.4.0, v2.4.4.1
Einsteinium EMC2 v0.13.5.0
Electra ECA 2.1.1, 2.1.2
Emercoin EMC v0.7.10emc
Eternity ENT v0.12.1.7
Faircoin FAIR v2.0.1
FantasyGold FGC 2.19.1
Flo FLO v0.15.2.0, v0.15.2.1
FujiCoin FJC fujicoin-v0.18.0
Galactrum ORE v1.4.0
Galilel GALI v3.4.0
GambleCoin GMCN 1.1.4
GeekCash GEEK v1.3.0.1
GINcoin GIN v1.3.0.0
GoByte GBX v0.12.2.4
GravityCoin GXX
HASH HASH v1.5.1
Hatch HATCH v0.14.0.3
Helium HLM v0.16.0
HTMLCoin HTML v2.5.0
Innova INN v4.3.8.7
Internet of People IOP v6.3.0
Ixcoin IXC v0.14.1
Jiyo JIYOX v.2.1
Kalkulus KLKS v2.8.0
Know Your Developer KYDC 3.2.1, 3.3.1
Kreds KREDS v1.0.0.6
KZCash KZC v0.1.9.1
LBRY Credits LBC v0.17.3.1, v0.17.3.2, v0.17.4.5
Light Pay Coin LPC v1.0.1.0
Litecoin LTC v0.15.1, v0.16.0, v0.16.2, v0.16.3, v0.17.1, v0.18.1
LogisCoin LGS v2.0.3.0
Luxcore LUX v5.3.3
Lynx LYNX v0.16.3.9
Machinecoin MAC v0.16.3, v0.17.1
Magna Coin MGN v1.0.0
MNPCoin MNP v1.2.5
MktCoin MLM
MonaCoin MONA monacoin-0.17.1
MonetaryUnit MUE v2.1.4, v2.1.6
Monoeci XMCC v0.12.2.3
Myriad XMY v0.16.4.1, v0.18.1.0
Namecoin NMC nc0.13.99-name-tab-beta1, nc0.16.1, nc0.16.2, nc0.17.0, nc0.18.0, nc0.18.1, nc0.19.0, nc0.19.0.1, nc0.19.1, nc0.20.0
NativeCoin N8V 1.2
Nix NIX v3.0.7, v3.0.8
Nodium XN 3.0.6
Noir NOR v2.1.0.9
Northern NORT 3.3.1, 3.3.2
Nyerium NYEX v1.0.3
NyxCoin NYX v2.0.0.0
Odin ODIN v1.6.6
Ohmcoin OHMC
OPCoinX OPCX v2.0.0
PACGlobal PAC v0.15-da839021c
Phore PHR v1.6.3
PIVX PIVX v4.1.1
Placeholders PHL
Polis POLIS v1.6.0, v1.6.1, v1.6.2, v1.6.3
Pura PURA v1.3.7
Qbic QBIC v1.1
Qtum QTUM mainnet-ignition-v0.19.1
Rapids RPD v2.0.0.0-b784ecbf4d
Rapture RAP v1.1.2.2
Ravencoin RVN v4.1.0
Reecore REEX v1.4.2.2
Scribe SCRIBE v0.2
Secure Cloud Net SCN v2.5.1.1, v2.5.1.2
Sequence SEQ v1.3.3.0
Shekel JEW 1.5.0
Sibcoin SIB v0.16.4.0
Social Send SEND, v1.2.1.0
SparksPay SPK v0.12.4.3
SUB1X SUB1X 1.4.0
Syndicate SYNX v2.3.0
Syscoin SYS v4.1.3
Terracoin TRC v0.12.2.4, v0.12.2.5
Tribe TRB 1.0.2
Uniform Fiscal Object UFO v0.18.0
Unobtanium UNO v0.10.5, v0.11.0
Verge XVG v6.0.2
Vertcoin VTC 0.14.0, 0.15.0,
Viacoin VIA v0.16.3
Vitae VITAE v4.4.0.3, v4.4.2
VIVO VIVO v0.12.1.17
Vsync VSX v3.8.7.6, v3.8.7.7
Wagerr WGR v3.1.0
XCurrency XC v3.0.05
ZCoin XZC v0.14.0.0
Coin Versions Github Service Nodes
Abosom v1.0.0 0
AeriumX v2.2 0
Altbet v3.4.1.0 0
APR Coin V3.1.0 0
Argoneum v1.4.0.0, v1.4.1.0 0
ATBCoin v1.1.0 0
AustraliaCash v0.17.4.1 0
Badcoin v0.16.3-2 0
Bitcloud 0
Bitcoin v0.15.1, v0.15.2 0
Bitcoin v0.16.0, v0.16.1, v0.16.2, v0.16.3 0
Bitcoin v0.17.0, v0.17.0.1, v0.17.1 0
Bitcoin v0.18.0, v0.18.1 0
Bitcoin v0.19.0, v0.19.0.1, v0.19.1 0
Bitcoin v0.20.0 0
Bitcoin CZ 0
BitGreen v1.4.0.8, v1.4.0.9, v1.5.0.1, v1.5.0.2 0
BitCore,,,,, 0
BitcoinZero 0
BitMoney 0
BitSend 0
BLAST v2.2.0 0
Blocknet v4.2.0 0
Bulwark 2.2.0 0
Carebit v5.0.0 0
CbdHealthNetwork wallets-source-daemon 0
Chaincoin v0.18 0
Civitas v1.2.2 0
ColossusXT v1.2.3, v1.2.4 0
Crave v2.5.2 0
CryptoCashBack v1.2.1.1 0
Crypto Dezire Cash v2.1.2 0
Cryptonodes v1.4.4.1 0
Dash v0.14.0.2, v0.14.0.3, v0.14.0.4, v0.14.0.5, v0.15.0.0 0
Denarius v3.3.9.3, v3.3.9.4, v3.3.9.5, v3.3.9.6, v3.3.9.7 0
Desire Desire-v. 0
Diamond 0
DigiByte v7.17.2 0
Digiwage 1.2.1 0
Dinero v1.0.1.1 0
Divi v1.1.2, DESK-1.6.6 0
DogeCash 0
Dogecoin v1.14.2 0
Dynamic v2.4.3.0, v2.4.4.0, v2.4.4.1 0
Einsteinium v0.13.5.0 0
Electra 2.1.1, 2.1.2 0
Emercoin v0.7.10emc 0
Eternity v0.12.1.7 0
Faircoin v2.0.1 0
FantasyGold 2.19.1 0
Flo v0.15.2.0, v0.15.2.1 0
FujiCoin fujicoin-v0.18.0 0
Galactrum v1.4.0 0
Galilel v3.4.0 0
GambleCoin 1.1.4 0
GeekCash v1.3.0.1 0
GINcoin v1.3.0.0 0
GoByte v0.12.2.4 0
GravityCoin 0
HASH v1.5.1 0
Hatch v0.14.0.3 0
Helium v0.16.0 0
HTMLCoin v2.5.0 0
Innova v4.3.8.7 0
Internet of People v6.3.0 0
Ixcoin v0.14.1 0
Jiyo v.2.1 0
Kalkulus v2.8.0 0
Know Your Developer 3.2.1, 3.3.1 0
Kreds v1.0.0.6 0
KZCash v0.1.9.1 0
LBRY Credits v0.17.3.1, v0.17.3.2, v0.17.4.5 0
Light Pay Coin v1.0.1.0 0
Litecoin v0.15.1 0
Litecoin v0.16.0, v0.16.2, v0.16.3 0
Litecoin v0.17.1 0
Litecoin v0.18.1 0
LogisCoin v2.0.3.0 0
Luxcore v5.3.3 0
Lynx v0.16.3.9 0
Machinecoin v0.16.3, v0.17.1 0
Magna Coin v1.0.0 0
MNPCoin v1.2.5 0
MktCoin 0
MonaCoin monacoin-0.17.1 0
MonetaryUnit v2.1.4, v2.1.6 0
Monoeci v0.12.2.3 0
Myriad v0.16.4.1, v0.18.1.0 0
Namecoin nc0.13.99-name-tab-beta1, nc0.16.1, nc0.16.2, nc0.17.0, nc0.18.0, nc0.18.1, nc0.19.0, nc0.19.0.1, nc0.19.1, nc0.20.0 0
NativeCoin 1.2 0
Nix v3.0.7, v3.0.8 0
Nodium 3.0.6 0
Noir v2.1.0.9 0
Northern 3.3.1, 3.3.2 0
Nyerium v1.0.3 0
NyxCoin v2.0.0.0 0
Odin v1.6.6 0
Ohmcoin 0
OPCoinX v2.0.0 0
PACGlobal v0.15-da839021c 0
Phore v1.6.3 0
PIVX v4.1.1 0
Placeholders 0
Polis v1.6.0, v1.6.1, v1.6.2, v1.6.3 0
Pura v1.3.7 0
Qbic v1.1 0
Qtum mainnet-ignition-v0.19.1 0
Rapids v2.0.0.0-b784ecbf4d 0
Rapture v1.1.2.2 0
Ravencoin v4.1.0 0
Reecore v1.4.2.2 0
Scribe v0.2 0
Secure Cloud Net v2.5.1.1, v2.5.1.2 0
Sequence v1.3.3.0 0
Shekel 1.5.0 0
Sibcoin v0.16.4.0 0
Social Send, v1.2.1.0 0
SparksPay v0.12.4.3 0
SUB1X 1.4.0 0
Syndicate v2.3.0 0
Syscoin v4.1.3 0
Terracoin v0.12.2.4, v0.12.2.5 0
Tribe 1.0.2 0
Uniform Fiscal Object v0.18.0 0
Unobtanium v0.10.5, v0.11.0 0
Verge v6.0.2 0
Vertcoin 0.14.0, 0.15.0, 0
Viacoin v0.16.3 0
Vitae v4.4.0.3, v4.4.2 0
VIVO v0.12.1.17 0
Vsync v3.8.7.6, v3.8.7.7 0
Wagerr v3.1.0 0
XCurrency v3.0.05 0
ZCoin v0.14.0.0 0