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A Decentralized Chatroom powered by XRouter

Welcome to the Blocknet TrollBox XCloud Plugin!

aderks2019-10-08 04:54:42

Send messages through wallet console or CLI.

aderks2019-10-08 04:55:04

Max message count is 200. When 200 hits, the oldest message will be removed as new messages come in.

aderks2019-10-08 04:55:31

Alias can be whoever you want to be.

aderks2019-10-08 04:55:44

Ensure your message is in quotations.

aderks2019-10-08 04:55:56

Hi Blocknet

anon2019-10-08 04:56:08

Sorry the previous messages got deleted. Had an issue on my end, and had to restart the script.

aderks2019-10-08 04:56:53

Thank you for accepting my order

anon2019-10-09 18:54:17

blocknet is great

blockwhale2019-10-10 22:31:28

testing chat anon2019-10-17 12:39:29

seems to work :) anon2019-10-17 12:40:08

muhaha, good job littleeagle :) anon2019-10-17 12:57:06

sweet! anon2019-10-17 13:06:04

big benis anon2019-10-17 13:10:11

congrats and thanks littleeagle !!! anon2019-10-17 13:11:33

Hi hi neat feature sirs anon2019-10-17 13:17:02

Super anon2019-10-17 13:23:07

According to XCloud Services page, only 1 node is running the Trollbox. So it's not really decentralized until more nodes run it right? If more nodes run it, do all the node update each other with any new messages? anon2019-10-17 17:53:09

Good question anon2019-10-17 19:04:29

Hello world! anon2019-10-17 19:29:37

Awesome feature! anon2019-10-18 00:46:54

wen moon anon2019-10-18 01:35:31

this should be use in DX anon2019-10-18 01:37:47

Test anon2019-10-18 18:28:24

trollbox in the DX app would be funny as f! anon2019-10-18 20:59:09

Trollbox needs to be in an actual box anon2019-10-18 23:37:57

Littleeagle here. It's now in a scrollable box, scrolled to the most recent message by default. anon2019-10-19 11:54:05

Testing styling... anon2019-10-19 11:54:58

Testing styling again... anon2019-10-19 11:55:51

nobodys here. Would be nice to have it blockdx :) anon2019-10-24 20:39:18

Make a proposal ;) anon2019-10-24 23:54:27

Vote 4 corgi's proposal he deserves it anon2019-10-30 15:12:46

UNO to the mooooon! anon2019-10-31 13:35:28

Nice volume today anon2019-11-04 12:31:45

I'm troll master zen anon2019-11-10 21:15:30

Just reached this side by friend recommendation. No volume, users :( Does block have trading bot to make some liquidity on this DEX? anon2019-11-11 07:36:15

Hello and Welcome Chaincoin!=B=M<û anon2019-11-14 01:20:15

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